How to clean cloth sofa. Mr clean car

How To Clean Cloth Sofa

how to clean cloth sofa

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[21:50] Alayni Axelrad rests Arwen against the sofa while she goes to get a pillow and a blanket, setting them next to her

[21:58] Alayni Axelrad turns Arwen on her side in case she has to throw up and places a bucket next to her.

[21:58] Arwen Dubios (arwen.eiren) would just lay there eyes close , a bit of blood still mixed into her fur , texts coming to her brain but they got answered with -this person is not avaiab le in at the moment, she is asleep or passed out pleasre try again in a bit- if anyone did text her

[22:00] Alayni Axelrad just sighed and walked to the kitchen, grabbing a cloth and soaking it in warm water, returning to try and clean some of the blood out of the poor girl's fur. "Ye will be happy in the mornin when ye wake up lass, I promise."

[22:04] Arwen Dubios (arwen.eiren) twitches a little eyes flickering under her eyelids .her eyes widen open and she leans over the side of the couch getting sick

[22:05] Alayni Axelrad just smiled, holding her hair back and leading her gently towards the bucket she had set down. "Least this will learn ye to not drink quite so much next time....everyone gets that lesson once!" she chuckled, stroking the girl's ears.

[22:06] Arwen Dubios (arwen.eiren) groans"I drank 7 drinks on the 30th ....and didnt feel like this...this worse...then 2 drinks.."

[22:07] Alayni Axelrad nods, "Aye, but ye drank everclear, laced with nip. That be like 10 drinks in one, and ye just chugged it like it was water. Me first hangover was on the SAME drink. Thought I would be cooler than all the boys and drained 6 straight shots while they all had to mix theirs with beer."

[22:12] Arwen Dubios (arwen.eiren) groans holding her stomach a little laying down, her head pounding"ow my head...what the f uck...argh.text on the mind...."she closes her eyes and sends one off to her mother to ask her how to shut that off

[22:15] Alayni Axelrad went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge, coming back she would hand it to arwen, "Here ye go lass, this will rehydrate ye so yer head will hurt less and ye will feel less sick. Drink up. I am not gonna give ye any meds right now with all that alcohol in yer system yer body will just throw them back up."

[22:16] Arwen Dubios (arwen.eiren) takes the water her hand was shaking she whimpers and would start to rock herself hands going over her eyes shaking her head"no no get the images out images out!"

[22:20] Alayni Axelrad just sighs and rubs the kitten's back, though not so much a kitten anymore. "Ye grew up so fast lass. I remember when ye were yey high..." she held her hand up to her thigh, "And runnin around me apartment with Chan around me Christmas tree, eatin the christmas cookies I had made." she sat next to her on the armrest of the couch. "Tough to grow up isn't it? All yer innosence as a child just kind o leaves after a while, and ye would do anything to live in that state o perpetual bliss again." she looked down at Arwen's rocking form. "Claire will be ok lass. Tis a scary thing that happened, but yer mum be fixing it as we speak."

[22:24] Arwen Dubios (arwen.eiren) whimpers and opens her eyes"w...what innocence...i never had it.....the day i met you...the day my birth mother died."

[22:25] Alayni Axelrad rubs her ears a bit, "The day ye met me ye were really little. Yer mum was still alive. Ye were only 3 I think. Ye seemed very innocent to me. Ye still nommed on your cookie just like any other kid would have, and ye still had it in yer eyes."

[22:29] Arwen Dubios (arwen.eiren) looks up"I dont remember that....first tiem i remember was dec 23....wait no that was the day Kiretha got nailed to teh snakepit wall, i think...i dont know i.."she leans over getting sick a bit

[22:32] Alayni Axelrad chuckles and quickly holds back her hair again, "Well ye WERE three. Gets harder to remember things the older ye get. I do remember ye were sad about somethin, and Chan had brought ye over hopin to cheer ye up. Ye were the cutest little blonde kitten...wearin a little dress. Ye skipped everytime ye walked too. Yer eyes light up big as saucers when I handed ye the plate o cupcakes." she laughed.

[22:33] Arwen Dubios (arwen.eiren) blinks then nods" Yah that was just after i witness kiretha nailed to the snakepit doors with christmas.."yep upchucking again thinking of it, which got the image of the body falling in ehr mind

[22:38] Alayni Axelrad sighed, "Ye have overcomed every obsticle lass. Ye are very strong, and grown up very nicely. Yer smart and ye have great adoptive parents who are providing ye every educational opportunity they can afford. Ye are getting the chance most children in Midian don't get. Ye are getting the chance to do and be anything ye want. All the things ye have seen and overcome, have made ye the strong wom



"I would rather lie on a sofa than sweep beneath it".

Had an inspiration low of late so didn't get out my camera much but decided to force myself to try something new for a bit of fun.
I've had this idea in mind for quite a while so decided to give it a try and see how it came out.
In my mind the newspaper was a lot bigger so had to improvise and stretch the inner pages out to make it larger.
Note to self get bigger paper next time.
I just bought two jessops 360 afd flashguns so combined them with my nikon sb600 and Yongnuo RF-602 trigger + recievers to try some off camera flash.
I let the mrs get on with some housework whilst I set up.
I had the two jessops 360's either side of myself pointing directly at my wife and set at 50mm and 1/4 power and my nikon sb600 on the floor in front of me pointing at the ceiling also at 50mm and 1/4 power to give even light.
My camera was on my manfrotto tripod and fired via cable release.
i cropped trhe picture to clean up some bits of furniture creeping into the edges which has also given the picture a nice square format.

I always wondered how women get so much stuff done in a short space of time and still watch daytime tv and read the paper, but this our little secret so don't tell anyone ;)

P.s men do housework as well ( I hope this statement stops retaliation from the ladies).
I had to take the picture :)

Thankyou for all your views,favs and comments whilst I took a few days off trying to get my mojo back.
Also thankyou to my very understanding wife who puts up with my photographic crazyness on a regular basis ;)

Will pop past your streams very soon.

For your ultimate housework and cleaning experience please press 'L' on your keyboard

how to clean cloth sofa

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