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How To Clean Glass Pipe

how to clean glass pipe

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how to clean glass pipe - Mini 5.5

Mini 5.5 Inch Glass Hookah. Great for Traveling. Weighs Just Above a Half Pound! Will Fit in Most Cup Holders! This Hookah Is Great for Traveling! Very Easy to Use and Put Away in a Small Spot! Hookah Is Portable, Durable and Strong. Takes Only Seconds to Setup and Clean! Easy to Use! Hookah Will Last a Long Time!

Mini 5.5 Inch Glass Hookah. Great for Traveling. Weighs Just Above a Half Pound! Will Fit in Most Cup Holders! This Hookah Is Great for Traveling! Very Easy to Use and Put Away in a Small Spot! Hookah Is Portable, Durable and Strong. Takes Only Seconds to Setup and Clean! Easy to Use! Hookah Will Last a Long Time!

This is a mini 5.5 inch glass hookah. Made out of strong glass. Glass has a nice painted design on it. The bowl is made out of beautiful dark wood on the outside and metal on the inside. Rubber garment makes stem and vase connection a tight fit so it will not fall and break! Hookah is very easy to use. Set up, using the hookah and clean up are all easy to do! Setup and clean up takes seconds! This hookah is very durable. This hookah is very light weight. It weighs just above half a pound. This hookah is great for traveling because you can smoke and when you are finished, unscrew the hose and put it away in a small space because of its compact design. Great compact design makes it so it can be stored basically anywhere! This hookah is very easy to move from place to place. This hookah is very durable and will last a long time! Tobacco will not fall out easily when in use. The hookah disassembles into 6 pieces. This hookah will fit in most cup holders! Colors Vary from blue, green, red and brown. We will ship out one of these colors UNLESS a request is made through Amazon messages. Colors Vary from blue, green, red and brown. We will ship out one of these colors UNLESS a request is made through Amazon messages.

84% (11)

My Dad got back from South Korea today!

We were supposed to go out to The Corner Coffee Shop for breakfast before taking Hugh to work, but my Mums slept past her alarm, and my brother and I hadn't set our alarms, so my Mum only had time to take him to work.

I took a rug and pillows (and my big camera) out into the garden today, and stretched out reading and eating ice lollies. My Mum was out in the garden too, and we sat in the swing seat and drank Lambrusco out of her martini glasses (which I complained about because I find them ridiculously easy to spill with. I also complained about the spiderwebs on the swing seat).
Later on in the day I watched her dig up the pink flowers (a little like the one I posted) that grow along the path on the second level. Apparently they have to come up, but I thought they were still very pretty. Then I watched her cleaning the pond of pond weed. It's so gross. I've seen my Dad do it with the water tub, but there's never been as much as there was in the pond. Once my Mum stopped cleaning the pond I thought I'd have a go, and there was so much more left! We'd had no idea! And it was sooo gross.
My brother came back from work while my Mum was taking a break on the swing seat and I was sunbathing. We were surprised he hadn't called to get picked up, but he'd thought we'd gone out to see 'Jane Eyre'. (We had tickets, but the weather was far too amazing to go.)
I was watching my Mum work in the garden later on, and noticed how dry one of the wisteria was looking. I remembered that my Dad said that it always took a lot of watering, and that I had hardly watered it the previous evening, so went and fetched the hose pipe. I was just finishing up when I heard my Dad's car pull up! YAY!

When I got out on the gravel my Mum was there, and we were so pleased to see him. He came in and unpacked, and gave my brother and I some of the things he'd gotten in Business Class. Then when I was hanging out in his study he asked me this question from The Economist on the subject of Utilitarianism, and I gave the right answer. So I then insisted we ask my Mum and brother, who were in the bedroom next door. They both gave the answer that meant they were more likely to be sociopathic, though they claimed that they thought they were supposed to identify the Utilitarian answer. Abby immediately settled on my Daddy's couch.

We went out to The Narrow Boat Inn at 6pm, and I was so pleased to be there again with my family. It was such a lovely time out. There's this big rock next to the table where we always sit, and when my brother and I were much, much younger (probably a decade ago), we used to climb to the top of it and jump off it. This used to be so scary. So this time I climbed onto it, and found I was too scared to stand at the top. I think it's because I'm a little taller than I was back then. The ground seems so far away (although I should point out that the top of the rock comes up to about my hip). So my brother had to hold my hand for balance as I stepped up. And then I wouldn't jump. So he climbed up and jumped and said it was fine, but I was still nervous. Silly me.

Back home my Dad went out to check on the garden, so my Mum and I came out and sat on the bench in the dark. My brother came out a few minutes later, and I insisted he stayed to chat while my Dad did the garden, and I gave him my seat on the bench and went to fetch my rug and lay on it in the dark. When my Dad had checked the garden we all went up and watched the TV we had recorded, so we could all watch it together before I went to uni.

When my parents went to bed I started packing downstairs while Hugh watched episodes of Family Guy and American Dad in the kitchen, as I walked in and out, fetching my things.



A.K.A. the schedule 40 pipe and tin snoot.

I had some extra PVC schedule forty (the S and F in SFTsnoot) pipe from another project that I'm working on, and I thought it'd make a great way to control light. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it could really help get light in a very controlled fashion into a very small area. Perfect for macro shots and highlights.

I was at a loss as to how to block out all the light and funnel it into the pipe, though. That's when I spotted an old Altoids tin (the T in SFT). The body fits perfectly on the Vivitar 285HV, it'll even hold the weight of the pipe without rubber bands or tape (on the flash).

Here's how to make one:

You'll need a length of pipe (mine was 3/4" PVC schedule 40 pipe and about 14" long), a clean Altoids tin, pliers, hammer, nail or sturdy screwdriver, cork surface to work on, tin snips, and duct tape.

Use the pliers to separate the body of the tin from the lid. Be careful to flatten the tabs that result from this, so they don't scratch you or your toys.

Carefully hammer the nail at the inside center of the tin body. Do this on a cork or other semi-soft surface. The goal is to make a circle smaller than the pipe but big enough for your tin snips to get into.

Use the tin snips to cut about eight lines from the center out. They should be just about as wide in diameter as the pipe.

Push the pipe through the hole from the inside, pushing the tin outwards. Those bits of tin will help hold the pipe in place. It should be tight to push the pipe in, but not so tight that you deform the tin.

Once done, hammer the sharp bits of tin so they are up against the body of the pipe. Then use some duct tape to to make sure the tin doesn't cut you and the pipe stays in place.

Put it on a Vivitar and fire up your macro lens. If this trick works for people with other flash heads, let me know in the comments. And leave a link to any pics you take with it, as I'd love to see what people do with it.

how to clean glass pipe

how to clean glass pipe


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