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The Best Carpet Cleaning Method

the best carpet cleaning method

    carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning, for beautification, and the removal of stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens can be achieved by several methods, both traditional and modern.

  • (carpet cleaner) foam or liquid soap used on rugs and carpets

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  • a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)

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Handcrafted Hoodoo Powders

Handcrafted Hoodoo Powders

Powders are essential for successful rootworking – they are easy to hide, can be sprinkled almost anywhere without being noticed and, if crafted correctly, they work wonders without needing more complex rituals. I recommend the use of powders to the customers that are “in the broom closet”, and they have proved to be one of our best selling (and best working) products. Recently, a customer asked if I could make some kind of cleaning powder for her altar room, which happened to have carpet, so she couldn’t use floor washes – she wanted something she could sprinkle to absorb negativity and then vacuum. So, it was time to make a whole new batch for the shop!

We have made this powders using the Haitian Voodoo method – that is, using a base of talc powder where colour pigments, herbs and oils are mixed slowly and then sifted to give you the finest powder you can get. Then, the powders are consecrated in the altar, where special offerings have been placed to have the blessing of the Orishas and make the powders extra powerful. Except the Black Salts, which is a completely different recipe, all powders have a very soft colour and smell like Hoodoo Heaven.

Types Of Powders Listed:
- Pomba Gira: to attract love and increase sensuality; Pomba Gira is the wild and powerful energy of the Kundalini. She is also a loving protector of business women.
- Ashe: to attract money, luck and business opportunities; an all-purpose powder for protection and good vibrations that will unblock stagnant situations.
- Bondye: blessing and cleaning powder to keep your house protected and clean from all negativity; specially useful after banishing spells, or when moving into a new house.
- Legba: this is really Hot and Vibrant magick from the Lwa of Crossroads! Open roads, fight enemies and create a wall of protection around you when situations are hard to deal with.
- Black Salts: our first batch has sold out, so we have made another one. Excellent for hex breaking, to get rid of annoying neighbours/habits/relationships, and to put envy and negativity a mile away. This one is not suitable for body use.

Use Of Hoodoo Powders:
- Use a salt shaker you don’t use for food for easier dosage.
- To clean the house, sprinkle a pinch on every room of the house, starting by the farthest room, paying special attention to dark and hidden corners, and moving towards the front door. Then broom the house following the same route and throw away the powders outside. Never bring the powders back in! If you live in a flat, place the powders on a bag and throw them outside.
- Except the Black Salts, the powders are completely harmless for your skin, so you can mix them with your own powders to add extra mojo to your complete being :) .
- To make a wish, take a pinch in the palm of your hand and go outside. Concentrate on your wish and then blow the powder, facing North if you want to attract things, and facing South if you want to get rid of things.
- Black Salts are specially powerful when sprinkled around your whole property, always outside the house.
- All powders can be mixed with water and used as floor washes, or to clean altars and magick tools.
- Pomba Gira powder makes wonders when sprinkled on the bed ;) .
- As said above, sprinkle your carpeted floors, let sit for a while and then vacuum. Remember to throw the powders outside immediately.

And remember:
- Avoid breathing the powders – talc powder is bad for your lungs.
- Never ingest the powders or add them to food.
- After using Black Salts, always wash your hands – they contain camphor and may irritate your skin.
- When using them as body powder, avoid head and genital area.



First method of 10/11 season , i am so stoked by doing this thing done ;) ... in Slovakia almost three or four resorts are open... so we decided to go to our local resort MAKOVICA Nizna Polianka to check if it is possible to do some free ride or anything else. Our prayer were heard and we found big piles of snow which were ideal for making jumps. So this is one of results... enjoy :)

the best carpet cleaning method

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