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Clean Stained Marble

clean stained marble

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This is a pesto mortar made of Carrara marble, that I use as a quench pot. So it is always filled with water and I also use it to rinse my silver pieces after pickleing (I use NaHSO4 solution for pickle). I do not use it for copper or bronz, only for silver.

By the years it has developed a blue/green patina that is impossible to wash off. The copper is coming from the silver through the residue of the pickle. This and some other experiments gave me the idea to contaminate marble deliberately in a more controlled and faster way. You can also see rust spots that are coming from iron sawdust, ended up somehow in the mortar. I can add that onece a week I wash and scrub this mortar as I like when the water is super clean.

While permanent colouring of marble is a rather difficult task, these stains are deep pain in the ass for sculptores and it made me think: if something is so nasty and tenacious then why don't we USE it?

That pebble I keep in the water (for no reason), it is slate/shale(?) with calcite and quartz vains from the Ligurian coast. The slate and the calcite also took the greenish colour and the rust.

Further experiments are coming soon! :)



The side aisle in the Saint Meinrad Archabbey Church of Our Lady of Einsiedeln is so crisp, clean, and simple. The stark walls and the white oak trim pair to make a fresh, simple statement. I also like the alternating columns, square white plaster next to round, grey marble. And I'm always a sucker for repeating elements that (threaten) to shrink to a vanishing point like the light fixtures.

I will admit to being a little underwhelmed by the simple interior of the Archabbey Church while I was there, but in photos, I think the simplicity is calming and quite photogenic.

clean stained marble

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