Disc Clean Up Free

disc clean up free

    clean up
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disc clean up free - Garmin Friction

Garmin Friction Mount

Garmin  Friction Mount

Stability and mobility all in one. Our portable friction mount secures to your dashboard with a non-skid bottom, and the pliable base molds to fit any dash. Traveling? Fold down the integrated arm for storage, and easily move the mount from vehicle to vehicle.

Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
Garmin and Amazon.com have teamed up to offer this item in Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging, a recyclable, easy-to-open alternative to traditional packaging. A Frustration-Free Package comes without excess packaging materials such as wire ties, hard plastic "clamshell" casings, and plastic bindings. It's designed to be opened without the use of a box cutter or knife and will protect your product just as well as traditional packaging. It is able to ship in its own box, without the need for an additional shipping box. Learn more about Frustration-Free Packaging.
Compared to the traditional retail package, the Certified Frustration-Free version of the Garmin Friction Mount:
Removes 1.68 ounces of plastic packaging

Reduces 34.56 cubic inches of total package volume

81% (17)

Products of Abrasives

Products of Abrasives

Abrasive Discs
Technical characteristics:
Shavings-free abrasion effect – contrary to the traditional abrasion, this abrasive discs, with the construction of a special mesh lining, will get the material shavings peeled off during the process, thus will maintain the working duration of an abrasive discs 3.5 times longer than the traditional ones.

Besides, the mesh quality construction can help clean the material shavings away that all the emery sands will not be blocked up and hence go to have a satisfactory edgy and abrasion effect.

Because of the mesh construction, the abrasive discs will not have the problem of getting temperature increase during the working process, and hence will keep the discs quality from early distortion. This is also an important factor to duration of the discs.

A Clean prototype design… ;-)

A Clean prototype design…  ;-)

With the recent innovation of Vacuum Tubes, I whipped up this simple prototype design.. ;-)

It's amazing how many advancements have happened, over the past 40 years !!

I forgot to save this one as a RAW, so unfortunately, I can't properly process it as a true HDR.. I need to reconfig to save all shots as both JPG and RAW. Problem with that is, after shooting 300 shots during the nature hike, I end up with 600 files, and a shrinking amount of free disk space… Grrr...

disc clean up free

disc clean up free


Store and organize up to three times as many CDs in the same amount of storage space you currently use by replacing bulky plastic cases with DiscSox! Each DiscSox CD Pro storage sleeve is compartmented to hold all the parts that come with a standard CD: two discs, the tray card and the booklet. The rear sheet, made from highly polished polypropylene, prevents the DiscSox CD sleeves from sticking together while also providing excellent visibility to the graphics. CDs not included. Sold as a 25-pack.

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